Grounds Maintenance

Imagine a garden where the lawn never needs mowing, the hedge never needs cutting and weeds just disappear. In fact you never have to do anything and it always looks great. The image you just conjured up in your mind could quite easily be your garden!

Garden maintenance doesn’t cost as much as you might think, as with short regular visits problems never build up, and the place always looks fresh and tidy. Maintenance can include mowing lawns, trimming hedges, pruning bushes and trees, removing overgrown ivy and fallen leaves, weeding all areas, removing litter and waste, clearing moss from paths, sweeping paved areas and whatever else is required to keep your garden in tip top condition thus leaving you free of all the hassle, worry and hard work.

Tidy gardens will put down grass seed if your lawn needs it, feed and scarify your lawns, use weed killer (only where and when necessary) and make your garden a place for you to enjoy and be proud of. Edges are kept neat and tidy and any area that may require access, such as manhole covers and drains are kept clear and easily accessible. Whatever your garden needs Tidy Gardens can offer a full range of services to meet your needs, requirements and your budget.

Due to the fact that every garden is different it is difficult to give you a fair and accurate price without actually viewing it. This is why we offer free no obligation quotations. However, to give you an example an average sized garden would probably need tending:

March – November: Fortnightly
December – February: Monthly

This is dependent on weather conditions. Tidy Gardens can visit as often as you like, but if we visit less often this will usually mean we will have to stay longer as more work needs to be done. With this amount of visits the average sized garden would take around 1 - 2 hours per visit.

Some people like us to mow their lawns once a week at the height of the growing season to make sure it’s always short. Some people like us to visit weekly all year, to carry out other garden tasks, for example, re-staining fences & sheds, pressure washing and other general repairs.

Please don’t be put off if you only have a small garden, as no garden is too small to be maintained. It just means the job should get done even quicker, and will cost you less!

You do not need to be in for your garden to be maintained as we only require access to the grounds. Tidy Gardens is also able to offer many other Services.

Lawn Care & Grass Cutting

A well-kept lawn is a site worth seeing but it requires a lot of hard work and the right tools for the job.

Tidy Gardens have the expertise and equipment to make you a lawn to be proud of. Tidy Gardens will devise a plan to ensure your lawn is given the best grass care treatments to ensure it develops properly into a beautiful lawn.

Grass cutting is often seen as a chore. Tidy Gardens releases you from this task so you can enjoy doing other things. From strimming that neglected rough patch to fine cutting the front lawn, we do it all.

Other lawn care services include preparing and seeding, re-turfing, edging and strimming, patching holes dug by the dog, in fact anything to do with grass and lawn care we can do!

Hedge Cutting & Tree Pruning

Hedges and trees can say a lot about a property. Keeping them under control and neatly trimmed can be time consuming. Removing the associated waste can be a problem or worse still lead to a mess in your car. Whether it’s taming the overgrown boundary hedge, lightly trimming the ornamental shrub or pruning an overgrown tree to allow for your view and /or light Tidy Gardens can do it all.

Roses and shrubs are pruned to ensure the plant can establish and maintain a good shape, produce more flowers or fruit and limit its size. Tidy Gardens will keep your plants under control ensuring they take on a good shape and size for the area they are situated in ensuring a balanced look in your garden.

Power Washing

Tidy Gardens uses a power washing system to clean moderate and heavily soiled surfaces. A powerful jet-wash system can clean ground-in dirt on pathways to annoying moss on walls and driveways. Walls, driveways, paths, patios, brickwork, fences and garden furniture can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Letting Agents & Landlords

As a Letting Agent or Landlord it can be frustrating when tenants don’t keep the garden tidy or as you would like it to be. Many tenants don’t want to spend their time tending to a garden that does not belong to them. A few months down the line and the garden is beginning to look a real mess, overgrown, untidy, blocked drains and gutters etc... You may know the story all too well already!

Garden maintenance won't cost as much as you might think, as with short regular visits bigger problems never build up, cutting your long term costs down & at the same time making sure the place always looks in good shape. Your tenants are happy that they have a garden that they can enjoy but not have to waste their time tending and you have that peace of mind that your property is being looked after.

Giving your property that maintained look makes it more attractive to new tenants and potential buyers if you need to sell.

Tidy Gardens will always make sure anything that may need access such as meters and drains are always clear, easily accessible and problem free.

Tidy gardens can offer Letting Agents and Landlords a regular maintenance program or one off visits. The aim is to carry out these services as quickly as possible as we appreciate these matters generally need completing as soon as possible.

If you are an Estate Agent / Letting Agent or Landlord and require any of the services Tidy Gardens can provide then please Contact Us.

Home Owners


Are you selling your house? The front garden is the first thing a prospective buyer sees.

That first impression will help give a good impression of your property, and could seal a higher offer.

Most people spend a fortune on getting the inside of their house ready, but have little time or inclination in preparing the garden. This can be done for you. Tidy Gardens will get your garden into tip top condition prior to the valuation, then put a short visit plan in place to maintain the garden until its sold, either on a weekly or fortnightly basis.


If you are buying a property, you will have more than enough to sort out with the house, so let Tidy Gardens take care of the garden for you. Tidy Gardens will arrive during the first few days of you moving in, to attack the garden, getting it ready for you to enjoy once the inside of the house is complete.

Our Garden Maintenance Program could then take over to keep your garden looking fantastic all year round.

Contact us now so Tidy Gardens can add value to your property and speed up your sale!

Dorset Holiday / 2nd Homes

Do you own a holiday or 2nd home in Dorset either for you and your family holidays or letting?

Do you find it difficult to attend the garden during the main tourist seasons especially if you do not live in the county?

Then this service is ideal for you. Tidy Gardens can provide a regular attendance to the garden to ensure that it remains maintained and in a useable condition.

Please Contact Us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION Quote.

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